You might be scared but
Do it  anyway!
-Ben Fold's Five  "Do It Anyway
Some of you may be having a rough go of it lately. 

And maybe some of have a dream that you feel is bigger than you. A dream that can be terrifying and you feel like maybe it would be better if you didn't try at all. Well give this video a viewing. I bet you'll have a difficult time staying in a bad mood after watching.  plus...FRAGGLES!
9/22/2012 04:57:28 am

Oh my word, this is amazing! haha... the Fraggles just make it even better. Plus, WOW he's an incredible pianist!

9/24/2012 12:18:41 pm

I have a love-hate relationship with Ben Folds. He's talented, but sort of a dirt-bag. The Fraggles on the other hand, made me about twenty years younger!

This is definitely something we all need to hear on occasion. The Christian non-profit I work for took a few hits this month and you can tell we're all weary, I might have to play this at staff meeting tomorrow ;)

9/24/2012 10:32:51 pm

I've never been a Ben Folds fan. Nothing against him, just when they were at the height of their popularity I was discovering punk rock, which tends to eclipse everything else when you're a teenager. But the song/video is great for bad mood killing. Hope it helps at work! The line that sticks out to me is "it sucks, but do it anyway"


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