"Be looking for a package coming in the mail soon." My wife said to me one morning as we were getting ready for work.  
"Oh, okay what did you order?" I asked because I'm a curious sort. 
"Broken watches" she answered, with a smile lighting up her face.

When the package arrived she ripped into it like a kid on Christmas morning.
"Aren't they beautiful?" she asked me while showing off her prize.
I looked into the box but all I saw were old broken pocket watches.

 She was clearly seeing something that I wasn't. 

Over the next few days I heard music blasting from our office/creative space and the sounds of hammering. Finally she called me into the office to look at what she had made. 

She had taken old, broken and dirty pocket watches and had made beautiful pieces of custom jewelry. She had created wearable art.

She had scrubbed years of rust and dirt off of the metal cogs and balances and had repurposed them into something beautiful.  

She had seen art inside of the broken and transformed the useless into something different, something new. 

When we first come to God it is so painfully obvious that we are broken. Humble and pitiful before a great and mighty God. He is Holy and just and we are...broken.

But something amazing happens...He sees beauty in the broken. He looks past all of the dirt and rust and decay and sees art. He sees the art inside of us that we cannot see anymore.

So He redeems us, repurposes us. He makes us into something new, something different. He repurposes us. 

A wise man once told me that it is important to be broken before God, but there is a word for something that stays broken: useless.

Let God see the art inside of you. Things will change, not look like they did before, but that's okay. The watches no longer tell time, that has passed. Now they are something so new and so beautiful.

And so as you and I are repurposed, made new, I say to you: See the beauty in the broken. See the art down deep inside of another's soul. See with the hyperopic eyes of Heaven. The world is full of beauty and beautiful people that can't see the art in themselves. Help them to see it, as God sees it in you.

By the way, if you want you to own any of these one of a kind pieces, then check out my wife's shop. I might be biased, but I think she's amazing.


7/18/2013 06:38:43 am

Wow. This really touched me. I love the jewelry but I really love the picture you create with the story! Thanks for sharing this.

David Helms
7/21/2013 01:41:27 pm

Thanks Hutch! I'm in awe of how God takes the shattered pieces and continues to create new art in me daily.

7/19/2013 10:57:10 pm

David, I loved the story of how your wife found beauty in the old, rusted watch parts. She did a number on them and they look amazing.

David Helms
7/21/2013 01:39:56 pm

Thanks Joe! I'll pass on the complement!


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