If you ask pretty much anyone what their favorite class was in school most would answer gym or recess. This was not true for me. I dreaded gym. I loathed the "free periods" in gym most of all. The source of my hatred for these classes was not hard to find. It was always towards the beginning of the class.

When it was time to pick teams.

Most everyone I know has a story about how tough it is to get picked last. How the rejection can eat at a soul. I was pretty much always picked last. Even more than twenty years later I can remember the "cool" kids arguing over who would be stuck with me on their team. "I got stuck with him last time, it's your turn!" "No way! He's the last one you HAVE to pick him!"

I would usually excuse myself to sidelines. I would offer to "sit this one out" so I wouldn't bring anyone down with my presence.

I understood why I wasn't chosen. I was never particularly athletic. I was slow and uncoordinated, I had terrible asthma that led to horrible coughing fits.

Still, understanding why I was left out didn't make it hurt less. It didn't make me feel less isolated. Less like a waste of space.

This is why I am drawn to Christ. He picks those that would be picked last, or not at all. When Christ walked the earth he picked dirty uneducated fishermen for his team. He picked those that would betray him, those that would pretend like they had never met him. He picked one that murdered Christians before being knocked from his horse. He picked the liars and the left out.

He chose to surround himself with prostitutes and tax collectors (traitors). People that were called notorious sinners. Those that the religious establishment wrote off as rejects, scum, losers, unclean.

He chose me for his team. He hasn't given me the option to sit from the sidelines and watch. He doesn't let anyone just watch. He knew my ups and downs. My shortcomings and failures, and still he chose me to be seated with him in heavenly places. He chose this uncoordinated loser to run the good race and fight the good fight. 

And because he chose me I will go to my grave singing his praises.

8/15/2013 04:38:04 pm

David Crowder band's 'How He loves Us oh' surfaces to my mind as i read this (also coincidental that your name is as the band's - haha...) Being particularly shy as i grew up i kinda relate coz i did as much as i could to fit in! It was exhausting. But having had the revelation of His love and knowing that i am chosen did it for me. I belong. Praise Jesus.

David L. Helms
8/20/2013 05:46:28 am

This is what's beautiful is that he choses us just as we are. Not some idealized future version of ourselves. But the person we are down in the core buried under the fashion and detritus of our day. That shy little girl is seen and adored by the great I am, the designer of the cosmos. It's too big to understand, but true none the less.

8/19/2013 12:56:05 pm

I'm always amazed at the kind of people Jesus chooses to advance His kingdom. We're all broken, messed up, couldn't get it right on our own if we tried, and yet he still chooses us. From a leadership standpoint, he chooses all the wrong people. From a heavenly standpoint, he is the only one who chooses all the right people.

David L. Helms
8/20/2013 05:42:47 am

He is building an upside down kingdom. It amazes me, it humbles me to know that I am seen. That he gives me a name.


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