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To those of you that run in similar circles as me, you might know that this past week was San Diego Comic con. One of the biggest sci-fi, fantasy and comic book conventions in America. Pretty much a celebration of all things that I got made fun of for liking when I was in high school. 

As I followed the events and the posts online I started to notice a trend that broke my heart. Christian protestors. The creators of comics and performers that I admired were posting pictures of and mocking the Christians who had come to protest the "evils" of...I don't even know. Let's just assume idolatry.

Christians in the past years have gotten really good at protest and boycotts. If someone says something we don't like like then break out the signs.

Oh my dear Lord...the signs.

I honestly don't blame them for mocking...but I am sad.
This really and truly breaks my heart because I honestly don't see anything of the heart and character of Christ in the reactionary and frankly mean spirited behavior.

To be clear I'm sure some really do have their hearts in the right place, but without relationship and without context no one is going to take you or your (our) message with the gravity it deserves.

But the my biggest issue with this is that it does no good whatsoever. People don't change their lives because they read a glibly worded judgmental sign.

It's His kindness that leads us to repentance.

That is what saved me. His Kindness. His mercy. His grace.

I'm not angry, it just really hurts to see someone I love so dearly represented in a manner so different to what He has shown me. 

When I am a wreck, He is solid. When I am a spoiled  brat demanding He do things my way in my time, then He is patient. When I am mean spirited and miss it by a mile, then He is kind and gracious with me.

And His kindness leads me to repentance...to want to be a better man.

If we want to leave the world a better place than how we found it then we should be better people, kinder, more gracious...not louder. We should strive to be more like Him.
Nathaniel Ray
7/22/2013 12:48:34 pm

I totally agree David. I also find that perfect love castes out fear. It is that personal love that is void in hearts. I hope that Christians find the shadow of Jesus and allow the shade to penetrate deep into the soul. That kindness is what motivates me to find search and long after The Lord in my life. Well said David!

David Helms
7/22/2013 10:41:44 pm

Perfect love DOES cast our fear! True story! I'll say well said to you my friend. Just the shadow of Jesus changes us.

7/22/2013 04:57:51 pm

oh wow - unbelievable.
As Christians we really need to learn how to put our best foot forward. Grace be sufficient for us.
So true: It's His kindness that leads us to repentance.

David Helms
7/22/2013 10:45:30 pm

When I was younger I would walk past so called "fire and brimstone" preachers...those who would tell us we are all going to Hell because we are trash and scum and not worthy of anything. I would scoff at them and ignore them because they were quite frankly, insulting me. When I met Christ...when I came to Jesus it was because He was so kind to me. How great His love that while I was still His enemy He chose to die for me. That truth changed my life.

7/28/2013 04:00:12 pm

Oh wow. Thank God for the gospel. The gospel changes everything.

7/25/2013 11:24:24 am

Two things:

First, I'm going to protest at something you do someday, just for fun.

Second, if you ever write a book, I'm going to buy a bunch and burn them, because being the kind of Christian who demands to have it all right doesn't have room for anyone else to be. So I guess you're out.

Kidding. I'm with you. I hate HATE hate abortion, but I cringe every time I see Christians and their signs outside of a planned parenthood. Actions speak louder than words and signs... don't get me started on those.

David Helms
7/26/2013 02:29:38 am

Could I come to that book burning? I'd totally participate. If I release an ebook we'd have to print it out first. I could be all, I totally have dirt on that supposed "Christian" author, what a hypocrite!!

I hate abortion too. Like allot. But I now have an understanding that if I am going to be "pro-life" I had better be willing to adopt kids and care for young single mothers. Extending my own definition for "pro-life" to life from conception to the grave.


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